Northwest Indiana's Premier Supplier of Building Components and Trusses

Northwest Indiana's Premier Supplier of Building Components and Trusses

Northwest Indiana's Premier Supplier of Building Components and TrussesNorthwest Indiana's Premier Supplier of Building Components and TrussesNorthwest Indiana's Premier Supplier of Building Components and Trusses

Trusses, Wall Panels, Premanufactured Building Components


The Gold Standard

Gold Standard Truss is committed to  manufacturing the highest quality trusses and building components  available in the market today. Through a combination of stringent  quality control, a drive to meet or beat design tolerances and a well  trained, experienced staff, we offer a highly value-engineered product  to meet your building needs!

We build custom designed and engineered wooden roof truss and wall  component systems for light commercial, residential and remodeling  markets. 

Our Pledge

From design to delivery, we are committed  to your total satisfaction in custom designed and engineered wooden roof  trusses and wall panels.


Why Choose Components?

By combining computer  generated structural framing take-offs with quality-controlled factory  built panels and trusses, Gold Standard Truss can provide contractors  with a quicker, more reliable, cost-effective method of building.  Follow this link to see 2 identical homes being built side by side.  One with conventional framing and one with components.  You will discover that teh building component house was completed faster, cheaper and used less lumber than the conventional framed house. 

Wood  trusses provide overall design flexibility by eliminating intermediate  interior supports.  The open web design allows electrical and plumbing  runs, along with mechanical ducts to be installed inside the trusses,  reducing ceiling drops.  Non-structural end details, such as mansards  and soffits, may be built into the trusses reducing costly field  construction.

Save  time & money by having the walls for your project pre-built and  delivered to your site. Whether it's for single family, townhomes,  apartments or commercial buildings; factory-built wall panels assure you  of better quality and greater time savings than can be achieved by  building the walls on site.

Laminated  posts are straighter, stronger and lighter than solid sawn treated  posts. We offer a fully treated post, as well as post with a treated  base and SYP or MSR uppers. Improve installed costs by eliminating  call-outs and waste while increasing usability.


Truss Design

Whether you are an experienced builder, or are new to the construction  industry, framing a roof can be the most difficult part of the  construction process.  Our staff of field technicians and designers can  show you how trusses can be most effectively used on your project.

Depending on the complexity of your commercial, residential, or  agricultural project we can offer the following design and engineering  services:

  • Interpret commercial spec sheets and blueprints to ensure the  trusses you are ordering meet the requirements of the project engineer  and building code.
  • Value-engineer preliminary drawings to help get your project back on budget.
  • Evaluate existing job site conditions to make sure trusses over an addition will properly fit.
  • Design a custom garage or pole barn with extra storage or a bonus room.
  • Review structural details before your foundation is in to avoid costly last minute revisions.

All of our truss designs are created with engineering software, and  detailed installation information is included to the job site with the  truss delivery.  If your project engineer or building inspector  requests, we can also provide sealed engineering diagrams.  The service  our engineering staff offers is one more reason we are the new "Gold  Standard" in the building component industry.


Contact Us

Our assembly plant and main office is located in DeMotte, IN just West of the American Legion on SR 10/US 231 at:

P.O. Box 522
817 15th Street S.E.
DeMotte, IN 46310

Reach our knowledgeable designers and salespeople at: