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Gold Standard Truss & Panel

How much time would it save if the majority of your home was constructed and delivered to your jobsite?
How would you like to have a house that is made of a complete and stable system from top to bottom with each part specifically designed to work with the other?
How much greener would your jobsite be due to lack of cut-offs and waste?
How much board footage would be saved by using panels and trusses?
What impact would it have on your business if weather was no longer a restraint?

If the answers to any of these questions sound positive to you, then you should talk to us about taking advantage of the wall panels, floor trusses and roof trusses from Gold Standard Truss which are sold exclusively by Kaper's Building Material.

Gold Standard Truss is committed to manufacturing the best quality trusses available in the market today.  They decided early on that like Kaper's they were going to achieve more than their competition and be held in high regards.  They studied the industry's average tolerances and decided their tolerances should be half as much as the industry's.  You won't find 2x3's or #3 grade material in these trusses.  They only use the same quality lumber Kaper's sells at their yard, which means you won't have to waste time trying to get them set properly and you can get your workers and the crane operator off the job that much sooner.  They also made it a point to hire the best workers in the industry who with their combined knowledge can provide you with a highly value-engineered product to meet your needs. 

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