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What should you look for to determine the quality of lumber you are thinking about purchasing? Well, you could examine the percentage of heart vs. quarter-sawn wood, wane, warp, twist, cup, bow, crook, knots, checking, shake, white speck, honeycomb, split, decay, lack of precision end-trimming, etc.  Everyone’s got a little now and then, but the best mills have the fewest defects in their wood.  If the wood you ordered is 100% useable, you will save time putting up your building. And time is money in this industry!

No competitor has better wood dimension, board and panel products than Kaper’s. 


Studs:  Kaper’s premier studs are mostly a premium hem-fir forest product.  These studs are end-stamped with “Kaper’s” on the ends of each stud, and we believe they are the best studs in the USA.  We contract for most of these products to assure our readily available supply.  Even with spruce studs, we buy only top-drawer products.  Overall, Kaper’s studs are without equal.

Spruce Dimensional:  Our 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10 is always #2 and better.  These are the top framing lumber grades.  We consistently purchase the majority of our spruce dimension products from Finlay, with whom we have contracts in place.  Other sources that we use include Canfor, Slocan and other good mills. 

Structural Dimensional:  Our 2x10 and 2x12 Southern Yellow Pine is all #1 grade, which puts all competing products to shame.  Kaper’s has contracts in place with Temple to meet our anticipated needs for the year.  This is all #1 product and occasionally SS or DSS.  You cannot find better wood; in fact, many pieces are almost clear!

Long Length:  We all know “long” is a relative term, but here at Kaper’s we mean it.  We stock 2x8 thru 2x12 up to 28’ long, and can quickly special order lengths beyond that if necessary.  This product line is Green Douglas Fir from the best mills out there.  It is very good-looking bright stock and creates a rafter system to be admired for its beauty and strength. 

Treated & Decking:  Our dimensional, plywood, and 4x4 material is all #1 Southern Yellow Pine from Mid-States Forest Products, a Westside Wolmanizer© without peer.  This product is ACQ, non-ground contact treated and is also Kiln-Dried After Treatment (KDAT), making it unique in Northwestern Indiana.  What does this mean to you??? It won’t warp and twist in the sun like the competition’s product which is left wet after it has been treated.  Remember, Kaper’s introduced kiln-dried treated material in this area.  No one has better treated wood that Kaper’s. 

Structural Panel Products:  Although we have always stocked high-quality OSB, our Grant Structural OSB panels have been the best that we have ever stocked.  This is NOT the “bargain-basement” OSB that is always “on sale” at the home improvement stores.  Grant panels will resist de-lamination better that any competing products, which is exactly why we carry it.  In addition, we were the first in NW Indiana to stock Advantech© floor decking from Huber Forest Products. Advantech© is a premium underlayment (flooring) product that is virtually impervious to rain and snow, and never needs sanding after application. This product carries a 50-year material and labor warranty and is superior to fir or pine plywood in every way.  We have purchasing contracts in place for both the Grant OSB and Huber Advantech© products. 

LVL & I Joist: We stock LVL in widths of 9-1/4”, 11-7/8” 14”, 16”, and 18”. As well as I joist in a width of 11-7/8”. We order bunks of 48’ long and cut them to order to maximize the saving to you. Cuts are available even increments of 2’.

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