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Have you heard about advanced framing techniques and engineered homes and wondered what they are talking about?  If so, we have the answers you need.  Kaper's has staff dedicated to providing I-joist layouts showing you exactly where each piece of engineered lumber should be placed in order to properly support your home and provide the support it deserves.  This means that you get a stronger, sturdier home without the hassle of hiring engineers or paying for expensive house plans from an architect.  This FREE SERVICE comes standard with every I-Joist load we ship out.    

We were the first company in the area to offer I-joists in stock and provide you with people in our office to design your floor system. 
To further support your needs and provide you with a fully integrated home design Kaper's sister company Gold Standard Truss and Panel can offer the same guidance and build your walls and your roof truss system.  This gives you a finished product that is a completely integrated system ensuring it's stability and longevity.
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